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Welcome to PropMarket, your gateway to the future of real estate investment. We are a groundbreaking real estate investment company dedicated to revolutionising the way individuals and institutions interact with the property market. Through our innovative platform, we are bringing a new, digitised dimension to the world of property investment.

At PropMarket, we are more than just a
real estate investment company

Our Vision

At PropMarket, we specialise in the tokenisation of real estate, a unique approach that leverages the power of blockchain technology to open the real estate market like never before. Our vision is to break down the financial and geographical barriers that have traditionally made property investment an exclusive club. With our technology, we are democratising access to real estate investment, enabling anyone, from anywhere, to become a property investor.

We are a community of forward-thinking investors and innovators

Your Reward

Each token represents a share in a real estate asset, be it a residential building, a commercial property, or a piece of land. By purchasing these tokens, investors gain partial ownership of real properties, opening the potential for substantial returns on investment and passive income from rental yields.

We are dedicated to shaping the future of real estate investing

Your Assurance

Transparency and security are cornerstones of our platform. Each tokenised property is backed by a physical real estate asset, ensuring that our tokens have inherent value. We meticulously vet each property, assessing its potential for return on investment and growth, so our investors can make informed decisions with confidence.

Investing in real estate has never been easier. Join PropMarket today and embrace a new way of investing in the future of real estate.

Why Choose PropMarket

  • Innovative Approach: PropMarket offers real estate investment innovation through blockchain-based property tokenisation, making it more accessible and inclusive.

  • Democratised Investment: PropMarket enables everyone to invest in real estate, breaking down financial and geographical barriers.

  • Diversification: Invest in a diverse range of real estate assets on the PropMarket platform, spreading your risk and potentially enhancing your returns.

  • Transparency and Security: PropMarket ensures transparency and security through blockchain technology, recording transactions and ownership details on an immutable ledger.

  • Expertise and Due Diligence: Benefit from PropMarket's experienced team who conduct thorough due diligence on each property, ensuring confident investment decisions.

  • Passive Income Potential: Earn passive income through rental yields as a partial owner of tokenised properties on PropMarket.

  • User-Friendly Platform: PropMarket provides a simple and intuitive platform for browsing, accessing information, and making investments.

  • Community and Support: Join a vibrant community of investors and professionals on PropMarket, fostering collaboration and support.

  • Forward-Thinking Vision: PropMarket is shaping the future of real estate investment through technology, innovation, and sustainability.

  • Join the Property Revolution: Be part of a movement revolutionising real estate investment through PropMarket's digital platform and innovative approach.

Explore Investment Opportunities

Discover a range of tokenized properties on PropMarket, each with unique growth potential.


Choose Your Investments

Evaluate property details, projections, and market analysis to select investments aligned with your goals.


Purchase Property Tokens

Acquire tokens securely on our user-friendly platform to become a partial property owner.


Enjoy Ownership Benefits

Earn passive income and potential property value appreciation as a token holder.


Track and Manage Your Portfolio

Monitor and manage your investments, accessing real-time data and making informed decisions.


Trade and Liquidate

Trade property tokens on our secondary marketplace for liquidity or explore new investment options.


Support and Community

Receive dedicated support and join our investor community for discussions and insights.



Create an Account

  • Visit the PropMarket website and click on the "Sign Up" button.
  • Fill in the required information to create your account, including your name, email address, and password.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and complete the registration process.


Explore Opportunities

  • Once you've created an account and logged in, you'll have access to the available investment opportunities.
  • Browse through the properties listed on the platform and explore their details, including location, property type, financial projections, and potential returns.
  • Take your time to review the information and consider your investment goals and risk tolerance.


Invest and Manage

  • Select the property you want to invest in and review the investment terms and minimum investment amount.
  • Decide on the amount you wish to invest and confirm your investment by purchasing the corresponding tokens.
  • Track and manage your investment portfolio through your PropMarket account.
  • Receive regular updates on your investment performance, rental income, and any relevant news or announcements.
  • If desired, you can also sell your investment tokens on the secondary market, providing liquidity to your investment.


Our Team

Our team is a dynamic mix of seasoned professionals with deep expertise in real estate, blockchain technology, finance, and law.
With a shared passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, we work tirelessly to simplify and optimise the real estate investment process, making it more accessible, more transparent, and more rewarding.
Jason Brown


Jason Brown


Jason Brown


Invest in real estate easily with PropMarket, regardless of your location or financial background, and unlock the potential of digital property ownership.


  • 1. What is Prop Market?

    Prop Market is a ground breaking real estate investment company that specializes in the tokenization of real estate. We leverage the power of blockchain technology to democratize access to real estate investment, allowing anyone, anywhere to invest in property.

  • 2. What is real estate tokenization?

    Real estate tokenization is the process of converting the value of a physical property into digital tokens. Each token represents a share of a specific property. These tokens are securely stored on a blockchain, offering a transparent and secure record of ownership.

  • 3. How do I invest with Prop Market?
    Investing with Prop Market is simple. After creating your account, you can browse the properties available for investment, choose the ones that align with your investment goals, and purchase tokens representing shares in those properties.
  • 4. How much do I need to invest?

    One of the main benefits of tokenization is that it makes real estate investment accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial status. You can start your investment journey with just a few tokens. The specific minimum investment amount can vary depending on the property.

  • 5. Are my investments secure?
    Yes, each token you purchase is backed by a physical real estate asset, giving your investment tangible value. Plus, the blockchain technology used to store these tokens offers unparalleled security features.
  • 6. Can I sell my tokens?
    Yes, one of the key benefits of tokenized real estate is increased liquidity. You can sell your tokens on our platform once the project or investment has reached a certain time.

PropMarket, where we are bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds of real estate. Here, property investment is no longer a privilege reserved for the wealthy few – it is an opportunity for everyone.

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We value your interest in PropMarket and are here to assist you. If you have any questions, inquiries, or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our dedicated team is ready to provide you with the information and support you need.

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Prop Market

At Prop Market, we specialize in the tokenization of real estate, a unique approach that leverages the power of blockchain technology to open the real estate market like never before.

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