Land Development

Welcome to the Land at Hendon Gardens, Colliers Row, Romford, a remarkable project that exemplifies our expertise in tokenization and real estate development. This prime plot of land has been transformed into a vibrant housing community, offering a range of high-quality properties tailored to meet diverse needs.

Year : 2022

Company : Propmarket

Project Name : Hendon Gardens

Location : Hendon Gardens, Colliers Row, Romford

About Project

Our development at Land at Hendon Gardens comprises two spacious 4-bedroom detached houses, two charming 3-bedroom semi-detached houses, and one cozy 2-bedroom detached house. Each property showcases meticulous design, premium finishes, and thoughtful layouts to provide residents with comfortable and stylish living spaces.

The Success

The success of the project is evident in the financial performance, with a total profit of £575,000 achieved. The properties have also demonstrated strong yields, exceeding 5%, making them attractive investment options for those seeking consistent returns in the real estate market.

At PropMarket, we are pioneers in tokenization, and this project is no exception. Through our innovative approach, we tokenized the properties at Land at Hendon Gardens, enabling fractional ownership and offering investment opportunities to a wider audience.

In addition to the financial gains, the Land at Hendon Gardens development has positively contributed to the local community, providing sustainable housing solutions and enhancing the overall appeal of the Colliers Row area.

Our commitment to innovation and sustainable investment extends beyond financial performance. Through tokenization, we empower individuals to invest in real estate, democratizing access and creating new opportunities for wealth creation.

Join us at PropMarket as we continue to lead the way in tokenization and real estate development. Discover the potential of fractional ownership and be part of our vision for a more inclusive and accessible real estate market.

By incorporating the profit, yields, and the mention of tokenization, this adjusted write-up emphasizes the financial success of the project, the benefits it offers to investors, and the innovative nature of PropMarket's approach.